Tax Return

Mar 19, 2017


The Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre has been partnering with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to have volunteers prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals. We have been offering this service to the Chinese community for many years.



There are lots of taxpayers who do not know how to prepare their income tax and benefit return themselves. We had trained volunteers to provide this important community service to taxpayers who are low income individuals, social assistance recipients, newcomers to Canada, seniors and students. We also offered a how to file your income tax return course for eligible individuals who wanted to lean and file their income tax return.

今年仍由有稅務經驗的義工黃憶慈先生(Ricky Wong),劉嘉雯小姐 (Carmen Lau)以國語及粵語講解及教授如何填寫個人入息稅以及關於加拿大稅收制度。他們將與中心義工梁榮顯先生(Spencer Leung) 與一班有經驗的義工義務填寫報稅表。


2017 Community Volunteer Income Tax Return Program社區志愿者免費協助報稅活動